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Deadhorse Book Two: Cheers

"Cheers" Available Now!

Senator Gadsworth is laid to rest, Elise and Edgar meet their untimely demise, and William Pike finds himself in a hotel that never was.

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Deadhorse Book Two: The Second Coming

"The Second Coming" Available Now!

The secret organization known only as The Two Headed Dog makes its presence known to William Pike. Meanwhile, Charles Gadsworth hires a dangerous ally that may cost him more then he bargains for.

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Dead Birds added to ComiXology

Deadhorse is now available for purchase on ComiXology.

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Deadhorse wins an @$$IE Award for "Best Single Issue"

Deadhorse makes Ain't It Cool's 9th annual @$$IE awards.

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Deadhorse, Book One available now

You can now order print and digital copies of the collected edition of Deadhorse, Book One: Dead Birds.

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Deadhorse takes a spot on ComicBooked.com

Deadhorse makes David Gillette's Top Ten Comics that Got My Attention in 2012.

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Deadhorse wins Comic Bastards 2012 "Comic of the Year"

Chapter five takes a top spot on CB's 2012 awards.

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Deadhorse wins three Vodka O'Clock Awards

Deadhorse wins best mini-series, best artist, and best cover.

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