a comic of mystery, murder, and hand puppets.

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A man with nothing finds the key to everything.

When a reclusive man receives a strange key from his thought to be deceased father, he becomes the target of a brutal industrialist and a relentless bounty hunter as he travels to the farthest reaches of Alaska in search of what it unlocks.

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Book One: Dead Birds


Deadhorse, Book One: Dead Birds

William Pike comes into possession of a powerful key and becomes the target of an evil industrialist. When he learns the key may solve the mystery behind his father's death, he embarks on a journey into the farthest reaches of Alaska in search of the truth.

"Dead Birds" collects the first six issues of Deadhorse and includes character sketches, pinups, deleted pages, and more.

184 Pages / Full color

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Chapter One: The Sandwich Eaters

A reclusive man receives a strange key from his deceased father and wants answers. His neighbors want lunch.

24 Pages / Full color


Chapter Two: Everything is Going to Be Fine

A teenage girl runs away from home. Meanwhile, the Gadsworth Company enlists the help of a mythical bounty hunter in their pursuit of the key.

24 Pages / Full color


Chapter Three: Unexplained Creatures of Mystery

Elise, Edgar, and Pike find a common goal but not before the Sasquatch has it out with public transportation.

24 Pages / Full color


Chapter Four: Vacancies

Pike has finally arrived at the Trapper's Keep, but finding Dr. Conroy will prove more difficult then he realizes.

30 Pages / Full color


Chapter Five: Wake

Pike takes an unexpected trip while Elise and Edgar find themselves in a dark place.

29 Pages / Full color


Chapter Six: The Child is Father of the Man

In the conclusion to the "Dead Birds" storyline, Pike risks everything when he races to the save Elise and Edgar from the hands of the Sasquatch.

30 Pages / Full color

Book Two: Ballad of the Two Headed Dog


Chapter One: The Second Coming

The secret organization known only as The Two Headed Dog makes its presence known to William Pike. Meanwhile, Charles Gadsworth hires a dangerous ally that may cost him more then he bargains for.

32 Pages / Full color


Chapter Two: Cheers

Senator Gadsworth is laid to rest, Elise and Edgar meet their untimely demise, and William Pike finds himself in a hotel that never was.

32 Pages / Full color


Chapter Three: This isn't Happening.

Some mysteries are revealed, frozen fingers are packed in ice, and a human carpet points the way.

32 Pages / Full color

The Creators

Deadhorse is a comic. These are the people who make it:

Story/Letters by Eric Grissom

eric grissom

Eric is a writer and letterer whose comic works include ANIMALS with Claire Connelly and the space adventure, PLANET GIGANTIC with David Halvorson. Eric lives in Red Bank, NJ with his wife, three children, his dad, a cat, dog, and the memory of a tadpole. You can follow Eric on or on twitter at @egrissom.

Art/Covers by Phil Sloan

phil sloan

Phil is an artist who has done work for IDW's War Of The Undead and Weird NJ. Not much is known of him as he strongly adheres to his survivalist beliefs. But what is known is that he loves spending time with his family and staying off the grid.

Colors (Ballad of the Two Headed Dog #2) by Marissa Louise

marissa louise

Marissa Louise has a terrifying tongue twister for a last name, you’ll never see it. Fortunately, her work is much nicer and you’ll see a lot of that. She is an illustrator turned colorist whose work has appeared in MCSWEENEY’S LUCKY PEACH, DARK HORSE PRESENTS, many indie books and various galleries in New York & Portland, OR. Follow her on twitter @marissadraws.

Colors (Dead Birds and Ballad of the Two Headed Dog #1) by David Halvorson

david halvorson

David Halvorson is an author/Illustrator who works under the pen name Marcus Emerson. He is the creator of Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja, Recess Warriors, and The Super Life of Ben Braver. He also worked with Eric as the primary artist of the space adventure, Planet Gigantic.


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