The story

Deadhorse Book II: The Ballad of the Two Headed Dog

Deadhorse Book Two: The Second Coming

"The Second Coming" Chapter 1 of 6 in the story The Ballad of the Two Headed Dog

The secret organization known only as The Two Headed Dog makes its presence known to William Pike. Meanwhile, Charles Gadsworth hires a dangerous ally that may cost him more then he bargains for.

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Deadhorse Book I: Dead Birds

Deadhorse Chapter One

"The Sandwich Eaters"Chapter 1 of 6 in the story Dead Birds

A reclusive man receives a strange key from his deceased father and wants answers. His neighbors want lunch.

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Deadhorse Chapter Two

"Everything is Going to Be Fine."Chapter 2 of 6 in the story Dead Birds

A teenage girl runs away from home. Meanwhile, the Gadsworth Company enlists the help of a mythical bounty hunter in their pursuit of the key.

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Deadhorse Chapter Three

"Unexplained Creatures of Mystery"Chapter 3 of 6 in the story Dead Birds

Elise, Edgar, and Pike find a common goal but not before the Sasquatch has it out with public transportation.

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Deadhorse Chapter Four

"Vacancies"Chapter 4 of 6 in the story Dead Birds

Pike has finally arrived at the Trapper's Keep, but finding Dr. Conroy will prove more difficult then he realizes.

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Deadhorse Chapter Five

"Wake"Chapter 5 of 6 in the story Dead Birds

Pike takes an unexpected trip while Elise and Edgar find themselves in a dark place.

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Deadhorse Chapter Six

"The Child is Father of the Man"Chapter 6 of 6 in the story Dead Birds

In the conclusion to the "Dead Birds" storyline, Pike risks everything when he races to the save Elise and Edgar from the hands of the Sasquatch.

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Deadhorse Book One

Dead Birds Collected Edition

'Dead Birds' collects the first six issues of Deadhorse, character sketches, pinups, deleted pages, and more.

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