"Everything is Going to Be Fine."

Chapter 2 of 6 in the story Dead Birds

A teenage girl runs away from home. Meanwhile, the Gadsworth Company enlists the help of a mythical bounty hunter in their pursuit of the key.

24 Pages / Full color






"I can’t say enough good things about the surrealistic art and dry, biting wit that flows from the pages; no charm is lost reading it on a laptop."
"I could continue to gush about this book, but I won’t. I will demand that you either pull up Graphicly on your tablet or smart phone and plop down the dollar it costs for the issue..."
"DEADHORSE so far has a strong setup, neither pacing too quickly nor lurching forward with agonizing slowness. The stakes are continually rising and the characters become more interesting and complicated as the story continues. So as DEADHORSE proceeds, I hope that it will remain just as thrilling as the first two is."

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